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Control System

Home Security Alarm Systems CT - Control SystemSmall and powerful the XT-50 is a true distributed system, what’s a distributed system? A distributed system is a professional grade system that employs separate control / communication from the arm / disarm source (keypad). For many years most of the large regional or national providers have been selling All-in-One systems, this was not for your benefit. It was and is for their benefit, quicker installations means more dollars for them and a very risky situation for you and your family.

ISG has remained largely out of the mainstream residential security market until now, the system we have installed for our residential clients have been primarily the same version of our commercial offering at a much higher price point. Now our commercial alarm panel manufacturer has packed all the features we have grown accustomed to and more into this very powerful residential platform that we can offer with complete confidence to help you better protect your home and family.

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