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Defining the Standard for Protection

Is Your Home Adequately Covered?

Minimum fire and smoke detection recommendations are to have a detector in every bedroom as well as on every level and in select areas including basements, storage areas, garages, attics and other spaces that may require coverage due to special circumstances. 

Who's Minding Your System?

Many people think that, just because one smoke detector always seems to go off every time they cook, the rest of their devices are working properly.  Time and time again we have found smoke detectors that are no longer functional, with dead batteries or without any batteries, and even detectors that were taken down and never replaced.  Assess your fire alarm system's strength by asking the following questions:

  • How often do you test each device's operation?
  • How often are they cleaned?
  • Have they ever been sensitivity tested?
  • Are they supervised properly?
  • Are they maintained annually?
  • How often do you change the batteries?

Don't Place Your Family At Risk

Home smoke detectors that are not monitored will alert you to the danger of a fire.  However, without additional monitoring, you are still relying on your family's ability to hear the detector early enough in order to get out alive and quickly call for help.  In addition to having your smoke detectors monitored by an appropriate UL Listed system and monitoring facility, you need to also develop your response plan should a fire break out while the family is asleep,  A fire burning unchecked for just a few minutes can render you incapable of exiting your home, calling for help or assisting your loved ones to safety.  Smoke, carbon monoxide gas and other poisonous  fumes can disorient you, cause severe injury and even death in just moments. 

When the lives of all of your loved ones count, donít trust their safety to anything other than a professionally designed, installed and monitored fire alarm system.

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