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Flood & Water Level Detection

With the unpredictable nature of weather in New England, you donít have to live in a flood zone to experience the devastating effects of water damage to your home. Flash flooding, prolonged heavy rains, spring thaws and rising water tables can all create a "perfect storm" for water to enter your home.

Keeping Your Valuables Dry

Although water damage generally impacts your possessions more than it does your family's lives, flooding can happen without warning and in homes that have never previously experienced a problem.  Water level detection services from ISG can alert you to a rapidly changing situation before it is too late.  Our home flood and water detection system features include:

  • 80 hours of battery back-up
  • Minimum of two forms of transmission to the monitoring station
  • Monitoring back up by a redundant central monitoring station
  • Installations completed in a single day
  • MyISG client access portal

Protection You Can Depend On

Home flood and water detection systems are a must-have for families who maintain second homes and / or travel extensively, allowing you to be notified of an issue, before it grows into costly repairs, major inconvenience and the destruction of valuable property.  Maintain peace-of-mind that your home is safe and dry no matter where you are with a home flood and water detection system from ISG.

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