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Medical Alert (PERS)

As more and more seniors make the decision to remain independent in their homes, there is an increased risk for tragedy that is easily avoidable.  A simple fall or medical emergency could escalate into a life or death situation in moments if it is not addressed by a medical professional.

Maintaining Your Independence

Safe and secure independent living is possible with ISG’s Personal Emergency Response System (PERS).  Using PERS provides you with an advanced home medical alert system that provides you with safety features including:

  • Direct access to our 24-hour rapid response monitoring center
  • Activity / inactivity monitors
  • Portable pendents and other call devices available
  • Built-in reminder system for taking medications
  • Database of important medical information, contact phone numbers and medications you are taking

A Mature Perspective On Safety

Individuals can maintain their independence at home in a manner that is safe and secure, without having to compromise their dignity as an independent adult.  Family members can be assured that their loved one needs only to press a button anytime they feel they need help and, within seconds, help will be there for you. Let ISG work with you and your loved ones to provide you with the peace of mind you need for independent living with our Home Medical Alert System (PERS).

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