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Q.  Is a home security system expensive?

A. System costs depend on individual family needs. Our consultants are not only trained to identify risks, they are trained to provide the most effective solution in the most economical way.

Q. Will I receive a discount on my homeowners' insurance policy?

A. Almost all insurance providers offer discounts for having security or security and fire protection systems. We will provide you with a certificate of installation suitable for forwarding to your agent.

Q. What is the difference between a security system and a monitored security system?

A. A monitored home security system communicates alarms, troubles & supervisory conditions automatically to our Central Station (Monitoring Facility), the Central Station receives these data messages and our professionally trained and background screened staff respond based on a series of pre-defined procedures which include calling the police, fire and medical emergency responders.

A. Monitored Home Alarm systems can save valuable time in an emergency situation allowing you to get all family members out of the house in the event of a fire without the worry of having to call 911.

A. Monitored Home Alarm systems protect you, your loved ones when you are at home and when you are away, keeping watch over your valuables, memories and your home and let’s not forget those other members of our family, our pets. Ask us about our Pet Locator Decals.

Q. Are the central stations UL Listed?

A. Yes, Our Central Station facilities are both Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed for numerous alarm monitoring categories. This Listing requires that the monitoring centers meet rigorous standards systems technology, record keeping, testing, system software, response times and much more, these certifications are reviewed and tested annually by UL field engineers to make certain all requirements are continually met.

Q. Does the central station record telephone calls?

A. Yes, all calls in and out of the monitoring center are recorded including all calls to emergency responders, and responsible parties on your notification list this ensures the highest quality level of care and service is placed on every single event or incident.

Q. What happens if the central station (monitoring center) fails?

A. Although highly unlikely with all of the redundancy built-in to the technology, power, generators, communication lines, software and procedural policies in place and drilled on regularly we believe when it comes to the safety and security of your family there is no such thing as over planning this is why we have a completely separate independent central station that your system upon installation is pre-programmed to communicate to in the event that the primary monitoring center ever goes down.

Q. What happens if our phone lines are cut?

A. You’ve come to the right place if you are concerned about real security, Each ISG system when and where available employs both supervised network (internet) and supervised cellular as a part of every new installation or transfer of an existing system to ISG’s monitoring center, this method of combined supervised communication provides an un-paralleled level of security in the event of a compromised or cut line. You remain safe, secure and protected with this unique and  exclusive ISG feature.

Q. Is ISG UL Certified?

A. ISG is one of only two companies in its entire service area that is UL Listed for Residential Alarm Systems (UL File # CVWY.BP10468) ISG is additionally UL Listed for National Industrial Security Systems (UL File# CRZH.BP10422), Mercantile Burglar Alarm Systems (UL File# CVSG.BP10232) and Local, Auxiliary, Remote Station and Proprietary Protective Signaling Services Fire Alarm (UL File#UUJS.S24565)

Q. Why is UL Certification important?

A. It demonstrates a company’s commitment to strict standards that have been set by an independent organization and on-going review of Listed sites and adherence to the methods deemed to be most beneficial to the consumer, business and entity protected by these systems..

Q. What does ISG stand for?

A. Integrated Security Group, we are also known as ISG Security, ISG and The Professionals, LLC.

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