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Simplified Installations

The experts at ISG strive to make the installation process hassle-free for all clients.  Most home security alarm system installations are completed in less than a single day, including all programming, testing and training of family members.The ISG staff will gather most of the information we need prior to our arrival on installation day to ensure that the time we spend in your home is focused on getting the job done.

Our preparation for your security system installation includes:

  • Installation Check List Filing for Electrical Permit, Programming Set-up, and Review of all Protected Areas, Panel and Keypad Locations, Siren Locations, Cellular Signal Strength Test & Alarm Registration Form.
  • Information Check List Home Phone Number Verification, Notification / Call List Names & Phone Numbers, Discuss Passwords & System Codes
  • Training Checklist System Operation, Perimeter / All, Home / Sleep / Away or Area System, Canceling an accidental activation, Testing Your System.

What You Can Expect

Flexible:  Most of our home security alarm systems are almost completely wireless.  These devices install quickly and have a great deal of flexibility when protecting doors, windows, and open areas.  They are fully supervised and will alert both you and our monitoring center in the event of any trouble or tampering with the devices. Our system employs a full functioning fully distributed hardwired keypad.  This means it is separate and distinct from the control panel and, in the event of a break-in when a keypad could be ripped of the wall or damaged, your control panel is still in charge--communicating your emergency to the monitoring center.

Expandable:  Each security system is expandable to include monitored and supervised smoke, heat or carbon monoxide sensors that can be added to your system any time.  When you add sensors there is never an additional monthly charge for monitoring these added devices.

Capable:  Your home security system will communicate to our monitoring centers through your available broadband Internet connection and our on-board integrated supervised cellular unit.  In the unlikely event that cellular coverage is not available or signal strength is weak, we will provide a high-gain antenna at no additional charge.  If the signal requires amplification, we will provide an approved powered cellular amplifier for $199.00.  This fee can be paid at the completion of the installation or we can bill you monthly for this additional amount.

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