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How Our System Works

Beginning with a solid supervised cellular connection, downed trees, bad weather or even a burglar cutting the lines to the house will not effect the ISG Cellular communicator, even the most sophisticated burglar with a cellular jamming device will not stop us from knowing that there is trouble at your home. The Cellular connection is supervised, if the unit fails its check-in we know and begin to act keeping you safe, secure, and protected.

Additional benefits keep you in touch wherever you are with this powerful cellular system Our In Touch Messaging option allows you to:

  • Know when your child arrives home and turns the system off
  • Turn your system on or off from your cell phone
  • Check the status of your system
  • Receive messages to as many as three phone numbers.
Because our home security system is primarily a wireless system installation times are greatly reduced, getting you and your loved ones protected faster..

We will discuss with you your lifestyle, how you use your home and determine how many keypads you will need (typically one near every commonly used entry / exit point and master bedroom area), if a burglar were to break-in and destroy the keypad it will have no effect on the systems ability to alert the monitoring center for help. Every home security system comes with a keyfob for your keychain that allows you to arm and disarm your system even from outside your home, initiate an emergency alarm for help and can even control garage doors, lighting and sprinkler systems.

Our survey will include identifying selected doors and windows that will receive sensors to sound an alarm when opened, Motion sensors that detect movement when the system is on, but are immune to activity caused by pets. For added protection we have sensors that respond to the sound of breaking glass and smoke detectors that can alert your system to automatically call the fire department saving you precious time in the event of a fire, allowing you to get your family to safety and when you're not at home providing a priceless level of protection for your home, treasured memories and those other members of our families, our pets!

Creating a home security system you can count on from a company you can trust is easy with ISG.

We guarantee our prices to be better than anyone’s comparable system and installation and we publish it here on our website for all to see, lifetime parts warranty as long as you remain a client in good standing, same day service, everyday. If you are not completely satisfied after 90 days we will remove the system and cancel your agreement with no penalty or termination fees

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