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Why Choose Us

Not all home security systems and security companies are created equal. Donít be fooled into trusting a system that could be compromised with a pair of scissors, pliers or to a pre-packaged, mass marketed system that could be simply ripped off the wall and never has the chance to communicate your emergency to the monitoring center.

Selecting your home security system is serious; selecting the right company will mean all the difference in a life or death situation. Working with a professional company to tailor a system to your specific needs and family's lifestyle will ensure you receive the very best possible protection and peace of mind that your investment will be there when you need it most.

Understanding the threats that face us all and the need to select the right system, technology and company to keep you safe is less complicated than you might think.

There Is An Affordable Choice

No matter how small or elaborate your home security system may be it is only as good as its ability to communicate to the monitoring center.  Most systems today still utilize basic voice grade phone lines that are easily compromised, rendering your system essentially useless.  Yes, there are network connections, radios and several different cellular appliances that can be added to increase the chances of successful communication.  Each one of these technologies has limitations and only one has been proven and approved for use for our clients. All the others do provide some measure of additional protection, however, if you had the choice and all were the same cost, which would you choose?

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