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Integrated Security Group (ISG) Earns Another Listing from Underwriters Laboratories (UL)


As a Provider of UL 1641 Certificated Systems, UL 1641 Installation & Classification of Residential Burglar Alarm Systems


Harry J. Azano

Meriden, Connecticut (September 1, 2010) Integrated Security Group (ISG), a leading provider in the
security industry has added another Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listing to the many services it
provides to the commercial, government and residential markets. ISG now carries the (UL) Listing in
the Certificate Service Category CVWY Residential Alarm Systems.

The CVWY Listing allows ISG to install, maintain and service alarm systems certified as Residential
Alarm Systems more commonly known as UL 1641. These systems under this standard have not had
much popularity over the years even with the explosive growth of the residential home security market
since the mid 1990’s. We believe that offering consumers an opportunity to realize the benefits of a
company that follows the standards published by such a highly respected organization as Underwriters
Laboratory (UL) will ultimately lead to a better protected home and family.

We are excited about our continued association with UL and the earning of another certification in this
all important and completely overlooked category and market. Our decision over a year ago to enter the
home security market was born from the repeated requests from our commercial clientele over the years
to assist them with the protection of their homes and families. We have largely remained absent from the
home market due to a lack of quality affordable choices until now.

Our desire has always been to provide the finest level of service possible, now we have the opportunity
to redefine the residential home security marketplace through educating consumers with the know how
to be safe and to provide an affordable security system, a real system that incorporates many if not all
the same principles we use every day in the protection of banks, jewelers and other high-risk, high
security environments. As our new website (www.isghomesecurity.com) exclaims “Could there be
anything more important than protecting your home & family?”

With the dramatic growth in the home security market over the last two decades we have seen an erosion
of good fundamental practices by many companies out there leaving consumers living under a true false
sense of security. This is one of the reasons we have chosen to undergo the evaluation by Underwriters
Laboratory (UL) to assist those seeking a real solution, real security based on proven principles and
practices and not just a system through mass-marketing or some other gimmick. Security is a serious
business requiring a disciplined approach to each home and family.

“We are proud to add this new listing and all it brings to our company” Azano said as “we are also UL
Listed for Commercial Security and Fire alarm installation and service under the CVSG Burglar Alarm
System (Mercantile), UUJS Signal and Fire Alarm Equipment and Services, Protective Signaling, Local,
Auxiliary, Remote Station and Proprietary and National Industrial Security Systems (UL2050) CRZH
Categories. These listings demonstrate our commitment to a superior level of service for our clients
throughout the region we serve”.

For more information on ISG or UL1641, please visit www.isgsecurity.com or

About ISG

ISG has been designing, engineering, installing, monitoring and servicing corporate and government
clients for over 25 years with integrated solutions that increase protection and lower costs. Originally
founded in 1984 under the name The Professionals, ISG is a provider of integrated security and life
safety solutions, and it continues to offer independent consulting services. For more information about
Integrated Security Group, visit www.isgsecurity.com.

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